After Thailand,

And a severe ear infection from diving, I finally arrived in Vietnam.

I arrived by bus from Bangkok, and on that journey, I had to switch buses at every border, first at the Thailand-Cambodia border and then at the Cambodia-Laos border, and from there, I continued by bus to Saigon.

During this trip, I decided that later I would travel through Laos and Cambodia.

I spent 2 weeks as a tourist in Saigon, visiting various tourist sites:

Cu Chi Tunnels:

Mekong Delta:

Finally, I purchased my motorcycle and read the following quote in an old Lonely Planet: “If you are thinking about a trip through Vietnam on a motorbike, don’t do it, it’s suicide.” But I chose to take the challenge and push my luck, so to speak. Back then, it was unheard of to do something like this, so in many ways, I was a pioneer.

I selected a less traveled route instead of the tourist highway 1, and this one was the so-called Ho Chi Minh Trail. This was basically just a gravel road back then, and I did several times, by mistake, cross the border into Cambodia. I was detained and interrogated at one point because I was so out of my element, but in the end, I reached Hanoi unharmed. From Hanoi, I went on a relaxing trip to Halong Bay:

Afterward, I hopped on a train to Beijing in China.

Here are the photos from my trip to Vietnam: