I offer to be

The facilitator needed at your construction site

Implementing my professional competences, eye for detail and focus on quality to every task in my work as a building technician specialized in architectural technology and construction management is key to me. I am your safe and reliable choice making sure that all tasks from the coordination of the daily work at the construction site to the planning of material consumption and supervision are carried out as realistically and efficiently as possible. My many years’ experience working with needs identification makes me a proactive project manager with the ability to take both time, human and material resources into account.

Having me in your team will show you how I lead through dialogue tailored to the different stakeholders involved in your projects. Previous experience from construction sites, including the extension of Rigshospitalet Nordfløjen (Zealand’s biggest hospital), provided me with the skill to communicate with the different personalities at the construction site, from construction crew to developer. Consequently, all stakeholders involved in your projects are met with understanding and the ability to quickly switch from construction slang to a more formal tone. I’m a very focused and ambitious person, who understands the importance of the project progressing as planned. Whenever important decisions are to be made, I take responsibility to ensure we move forward. In addition, my inventive, dynamic personality ensures that the process from idea to execution runs fast and smoothly as soon as all parties involved are in agreement.

More specifically, I’m the link that connects thoughts with actions and secures the success of your project. You’ll soon learn that I’m a positive, humorous and attentive colleague, who enjoys a social working environment that embraces diversity.

Feel free to contact me for a talk about how I contribute to your specific business and its needs. Connecting with me on LinkedIn is welcomed and appreciated as well.