I lived for many months in China’s western province,

The Yunnan Province, to acclimatize to altitude sickness when later traveling to Tibet because I had the crazy idea that I would make the journey overland by jeep since the railway tracks to Tibet were not finished yet.

This proved to be a huge logistical problem on several fronts, so I spent a long time obtaining the necessary permits for this.

Eventually, I got a policeman I had gotten to know privately to get me the necessary permissions, and I traveled to Tibet with the jeep, to Lhasa (the capital of Tibet): https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lhasa

It was a wild journey, and I have never before or since felt so alone in the world as I did on my journey over the Tibetan plateau towards Mount Everest Base Camp.

Eventually, I reached Mount Everest Base Camp and spent the night at the foot of the giant. It was a mix of altitude sickness and the joy of finally having reached yet another goal.

The onward journey from Tibet and into Nepal went through two towns, two towns that were filled with smugglers, and definitely not pleasant places. But the journey between the high barren tundra in Tibet and the lush tropical rainforest in Nepal was the wildest experience ever.

Here are photos from my trip through Tibet: