On my trip in Asia,

I traveled overland from Tibet into Nepal.

Some of the amazing things I did while I was in that area were the so-called Coca Cola Trek (they sell cola in all villages): https://wikitravel.org/en/Annapurna_Circuit#b

I bungee jumped and rafted on the Bote Kosi River, which at the time had a class 8+ rapid, where 10 is the maximum and not recommended for rafting. I did this with this company: https://www.thelastresort.com.np/

I visited the national park, where I saw both the very rare Asian rhino and fresh tiger tracks. It was a wonderful time before I continued overland to Varanasi in India, which lies on the Ganges River. Here I had plans to buy a motorcycle so I could execute my plan to travel through India overland by motorbike.

While I was in the country, there was a civil war, and a bomb went off 100 meters from the guesthouse where I was staying. Some nights, you had to be in the hotel from 21 to 08 the next morning, but I had traveled a lot at the time and seen a lot in my life, so it didn’t affect me, but of course, it affected everyone who was in the area, both locals and tourists.

Here are the photos from my trip through Nepal: