I traveled from Yunnan Province in southern China to Cambodia, doing so through Thailand as part of a visa run. Here’s a little story about that trip:

Before I embarked on this journey, I had read about Pol Pot’s regime and had, of course, watched the film “The Killing Fields”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Killing_Fields_(film)

I visited the prison and the killing fields, and I truly felt the awful atmosphere that exists in places like that and other similar places with tragic stories like Cambodia.

The trip through Cambodia was strange because the cities we stayed in on the road to Laos had a (VERY) French appearance. I’ve always been fascinated by colonial-era buildings in Asia; they captivate me in a strange way! I finally reached the border of Laos and crossed it by long-tail boat and then on foot.

Here are the photos from my trip through Cambodia: